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Welcome -To- QuickChek 

- QuickChek Is -A- Property Financial Analyzer Software

Where You can Quickly Calculate Any Property Financial Activities and view the monthly passive cash flow, the cap rate, and the gross rent multiplier for any potential property.

By entering the key values into the Analyzer

You Can Analyze Any Property In Any Stateā€¦(In Only (10) minutes or less

Our New (AND) Improved Software is for the real-estate investor who needs an easy-to-use property Analyzer that will quickly calculate any potential property. On a Single Page

Once done repeatedly it takes less than 5 min to Evaluate Any Property

Once done with your analysis, you will be able to easily save as a (pdf) file, print or email

presentation-quality reports to potential lenders, investors or clients. 

The QuickChek Property Financial Analyzer Has (4) Main Parts to be Filled

Part 1 - QuickChek The Property Financials

Part 2 - Property Comps / Only If Interested In Property / After Reviewing Part 1

Part 3 - Filling In Property Information and All Contact Information

Part 4 - Entering the Deposit and the Escrow Information For Submitting an Offer

Now Lets take -A- Look at (1) one of the (2) QuickChek DEMO's

- Filled - DEMO - QuickChek Any MFU

The Presented DEMO's has the Selected Drop-down Boxes Only

The Full Versions Are Open To Edit

In Less than 10 Minutes / It's 99.9% Accurate

Upon User Imputing Correct Data...

--- Now Lets take -A- Look 

We are reviewing a 60 unit MFCPU

Step 1 Enter Seller's Asking Price

Seller's Is Asking 5M 999K

Step 2 Enter Units & Rent Amt For Ea. Unit

14 - Studios at $700 Ea.

14 - 1 Bdrms at $800 Ea.

16 - 2 Bdrms at $900 Ea.

16 - 3 Bdrms at $1000 Ea.

Step 3 Adjust %"s To Fit Property Expenses

Property Taxes - 0.80% [email protected] $48,000

Property Insurance - 0.65%[email protected] $39,000

Mgnt Exp-Fee - 5%[email protected] $30,840

Property Expenses: - 8%[email protected]$49,344

Processing Fees - 0.43%[email protected] $25,800

Escrow Account - 5%[email protected] $30,840


If you like the (MPCF) - Cap Rate - (GRM)

Then proceed to Step (4) & (5)

Step 4 Making an Offer At % on the $


Step 5 Loan Options At % on the $

And If you like the Loan Options and want to purse the property continue to part (2)

Part 2 - Property Comps / Only If Interested In Property

1st. Step ---- Enter Property Complete Address Here First:

Then Copy Address - Then Select Save As -

find the folder you want to save the property in -hit select -

then insert the Address in the file name bar and select the save button.

You have just saved a file for the property Analyzed to review later. 

2nd. Step ---- Check Property Taxes - For Rears - Very Important

3rd. Step ---- Check Mortgage Balances - Very Important

Check property description / Or Call Listing Agent

4th Step ---- Run Comps - Very Important -- Please Click To View

5th Step ---- Estimate Repair Cost / Review The Bottom On The Comps Page -- Please Click To View

6th Step ---- Review The Fix & Flip / Review The Landlord Buy and Hold

                                          %% Can Be Adjusted To Fit Your Offering needs 

All Contracts Will Fill Appropriately When Entered

Part 3 - Filling In Property Information and All Contact Information

To All Wholesaler's Only Enter Property and seller's Information Until You Find A Buyer

1St. - Enter Property Information

2nd.- Enter Sellers Information

3rd. - Enter Buyers Information

4th. - Enter 1st Lender's Information --- Only If Needed

5th. - Enter 2nd Lender's Information --- Only If Needed

6th. - Enter Wholesaler 1 Information --- Only If Needed

7th. - Enter Wholesaler 2 Information --- Only If Needed

Part 4 - Entering the Escrow and Deposit Information For Submitting an Offer

   Contracts in Parts

The First 4 or from the Buyer to the Seller First 

Now lets take a look at the complete financial analysis layout Which will give you a complete visual outlook of the property financial activities

- Filled - MFU Property Financials 

Out-Look On -A- Financial - Loan /

All Loans are on a Amortized Schedule with Exit Strategy After a # of Years

Property Financial Analysis Out-Look

Utilizing Purchase Credits

Processing Fees

Estimated CPU-Purch - Price A/D

Assignment Fees

After All Productivity with Calculations

Operating Expenses

Complex Unit Complicity

Renting - Out The - Property

Increasing the Monthly Rent

Number Of Years As An Investment Property

Property Value (+) Or (-) Increase

Exit Strategy Solution With Bank / or / P-lender

Exit Refinancing Solution With Bank

Exit and - Re-Sale The Property For The Lender

Exit and - Re-Sale The Property Owner Out-Right No-Lender



Earnest Money Deposit Only Single Contract

Pg-1a-POF's Letter

Pg-1b-Submit Offer

Pg-1c-A-2-A-C-4 S&P

Pg-1d-Request Permission

After Acceptence

Pg-2-Buyers Contract

Pg-2a-Buyer's Addendum

After Acceptance then pg-3-from the Buyer to the Seller

Pg-3-Seller's Contract

Pg-3a-Seller's Addendum

When Loans Are Involved

Pg-4-NI-P-Note (1)

Pg-4a-NI-Install Note (1)

Pg-5-P-L Note (2)

Pg-5a-P-L Install Note (2)

And Much Much Moore....................

This software would make analyzing properties a lot easier and faster.

This is a system that is basic and simple that anyone could use -----

That has no experience little experience or advanced or even top-level.

This is a software that all:




Buyers and


Should be utilizing ----

It has a nice Layout to view:

It has a nice summary report to view:

It is a tool that you can use to increase monthly passive cash flow in future existing properties:

It perform increase in Rents for existing or the prior-year:

It performs property value increase or decrease for the prior years to come:

It has when you want to resell the property at it's increase or decrease value:

It also supplies a chart illustration:

(Once Again)

It carries a 99.9% Accuracy upon User imputing the correct data:

All Loans are on a Amortized Schedule with - an - Exit Strategy After a ### of Years You would like to exit the property.

In addition the Full Version Package has all the contracts ready with the data filled for execution.

(Once Again)

(If You Are Unsure) 

- We ask that you seek legal professional Advise before submitting contracts.

To (Unlock all Features) you have to Purchase the full version:

At a reasonable cost per month

This Is An Awesome Tool

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