Benefits for customers in Becoming Beta Testers

Beta testing is a great way of validating that what we are building is right for you and is a big focus here at QuickChek-Any-Property. 

We want to continue to work with you to create new, innovative features and feedback on the user experience, design and development process.

Beta testing is a tool that tests customer satisfaction and provides you with an early insight into releases. It also enables you to have your say in helping shape the products you use. We do this by letting existing users trial new features and feedback to us. This experience benefits both QuickChek-Any-Property and you as the user, as you get the chance to tell us what you think the pros and cons of the latest updates are. Don’t like the new homepage layout in the beta? Something on the control menu not quite working as well as it should? YOU get the chance to tell us by being a beta tester.

Benefits of being a beta tester

1. Helps us to understand your needs and wants - what would help you be more efficient through the use of our tools?

2. Let us know whether you think the new features work well and what could be improved. Is there something not working quite right? A new feature you’re not sure of?

3. Be among the first to know all the latest updates

4. Improve product quality

5. Feedback on what you would like to see in the future. Got a feature request that would really help you out, or increase your productivity? Let us know!

Beta Testing in Progress

Our latest beta test was introducing QuickChek-Any-Single Family Residence giving you more control over the navigation of your wholesaling. The types of questions we asked were “Is QuickChek-Any-Property something you think you would use?” and “What types of content should always appear on a website menu?”. The feedback you provided gave us a chance to further improve the system based on your thoughts and feelings, and what your priorities were.

What is required from Beta Testers?

• Sign up to trial a new Wholesaling Software App

• Once approved, use the new software as part of your usual routine

• Note down any thoughts, whether positive or negative

• Fill out the survey from us, detailing all of your thoughts, tell us what you think could be improved, what works well and anything you like about the design and usability

How testers can join our test

Join on Android

Testers can join our test using (Google Play) on Android

For Google Play Testers

Join on the web

Testers can join your test on the (web)

For Testers On The Web

• Then enjoy the New Software!